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We are a national law firm specializing in offshore accidents, oil field injury attorneys. We are known for our aggressive legal representation on land, sea, and air. Hire the best Offshore Injury & Accident Lawyer!

Offshore Accident Lawyer

Awaechter Attorneys are team of qualified offshore accident attorney who can help you file for compensation and get medical and financial help for you and your family. We have years of  experience of handling a wide variety of local, national and international litigation, and arbitration.

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To schedule a consultation, do not hesitate to contact a offshore, oil field personal injury attorneys at our law office. We have experience in offshore injury cases located throughout the nation and around the globe, and we have the experience to help you.

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Oil field Injury Attorney

In spite of their heavy machinery and the complexity of the processes involved, offshore oil rigs represent a great danger. A small mishap can cause fires and other types of injuries that might need serious medical attention. Most employers don’t provide full insurance and apply multiple conditions before you can get financial aid. Hiring an oil field injury lawyer can help you claim financial help.

offshore attorney

Sea is a dangerous place to be in, bad weather and water can be a deadly combination. Many employees on-board do not have the required experience to perform their job. Many are hired temporarily to provide cheap work. Accidents are natural to happen when inexperience, and lack of safety instruction is combined. An offshore accident attorney can help you file a case against the employees for any grievances and also claim your medical finances.

maritime attorney

Offshore involve repair work, lifting, and transporting heavy cargo with cranes or tugboats. Working in such a fast-paced place causes people to become off-minded and be victims of accidents. An offshore accident attorney can help you file for medical help if you are having difficulty getting it.

Other Types Of INJURY

Boat accident injury Attorney

People who sail boat are the second most vulnerable people who often face injuries. Falling from a tree or trees falling on them. Boat injuries are some of the injuries that offshore employees suffer. An employer may not take financial responsibility or the medical expenses to provide financial aid and does nothing to help the injured. Awaechter Attorneys can help you get complete financial assistance if applicable.

Construction Injury attorney

Construction business involves heights, heavy machinery, and awkward places. Accidents may happen due to a lack of safety gear or neglect at work. Our attorneys can provide legal help to file for compensation.

Other Work Injuries

No matter where you work, if you need legal assistance for work-related injuries, our attorneys are always here to help you. With millions of work that required working an accident-prone environment having the assurance that you will get full medical assistance in the case, any mishap happens. Our motto is to help people with the financial aid they are rightful to get.

What are the common CASES we handle?

Injuries In Oil Field 
People who work in oil rigs know how dangerous that work in. Explosions during digging may happen due to employer negligence. If it has happened to you and you are not getting financial aid,  we will help you get the assistance to the best of our ability.

Offshore Machine Injury
Offshore work involves drilling and handling machinery that requires the right knowledge and safety. If your employer lets you control the equipment without proper training and you have suffered injuries due to it, we can help you get complete financial aid. 

Other disturbed workers, unsuitable training/equipment offered by the superiors, and many other preventable causes may cause these types of injuries. If you were a survivor of an injury due to the actions of someone else, please contact Awaechter Attorney today for help.

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Spinal Cord And Brain Injury Attorney

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At Awaechter Attorneys, your responsibilities as an offshore worker are fully known to our entire legal department. We have spent countless hours researching maritime legislation and workers ‘ compensation laws to provide excellent legal representation for any case. If you have an underwater fire, it’s time to act immediately. An experienced lawyer at our company is waiting to help you assess your accident claim’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can get the full amount of compensation available!


We are known as the best Offshore Injury & Accident Lawyer. We hold good reputation and are one of the best law firms in the city. We are knowledgeable, have years of experience, and handles thousands of cases. We promise an honest representation and dedicated work to get you what is rightfully yours. 

Unlike other law firms, our law firm specializes in offshore injury and workers’ compensation. Awaechter Attorneys ‘ entire team is dedicated to protecting our community’s jobs. If, in a maritime accident, you or a loved one were injured, please contact our Awaechter Attorneys office to seek the insurance and restitution you deserve.

At Awaechter Attorneys, we try to heal by helping them get needed financial and medical support to the injured employee. We understand the challenges wounded offshore employees or victims and their loved ones face. That’s why we’re operating on a competitive fee, which is far less than many of the general practitioner’s charges. We consider our commitment to bring the verdict in your favor.