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Boating accidents may include crashes, sinking, or other injuries that may occur for a variety of reasons, including driver inexperience or negligence, intoxicated employees, adverse water or weather conditions, inefficient boat operation, equipment deficiencies and faults, and poor planning.

What are the conditions for the lawsuit?

The owner of a boat and his or her employees are expected to comply with all the safety and security procedures. Boat accidents do not only mean boats, but it includes water vehicles, such as ferries, cruise ships, steamboats, racing boats, jet skis, canoes, kayaks, etc. Owners and operators are expected to follow safety rules for boating, take necessary precautions to prevent accidents and injuries, ensure that the vessel is adequately maintained and have the appropriate safety gear, and be vigilant of swimmers and other boaters.

Some safety precautions may include:
Operating a muster drill for everyone on-board.
Having lifeboats on board.
Providing personal protective equipment is essential, especially if you are working with cargo. Protective equipment may involve overalls, safety helmet, and safety shoes, gloves, etc.
Secured cargo on board. The employers must make sure all the cargo on-board is appropriately secured so none falls on someone.
Safety signs should be posted where necessary.
Fire extinguishers should be available and should be taught to be used.

Those responsible for causing a boating crash may be held liable and made to pay you for an injured, medical bills, loss of income, pain, and suffering, or unfair death. You would need Boating Accident Attorney to help you with the case.

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Whether you are in a cargo ship, fishing ship, cruise ship to receive complete compensation after a boating accident, you must pursue a claim for personal injury or death. Waechter Attorneys boating accident attorney from San Antonio will help you take legal action to seek compensation for the damages you received. Call today to review your situation. The review is free. It can help you find answers to critical questions about boating accidents, including:
After a boating accident, what are my legal rights?
What if I was involved in a boating accident, what should I do?
How can I get help from a boating accident attorney?

What are your rights in Texas after a boating accident?

If your employer or someone your employer hired was responsible for the accident, you could recover monetary compensation for your losses. You could take legal action against any of shipmen who caused your injury, or against the captain of the boat if he was directly responsible.

If you have been hurt while aboard a commercial yacht, you should not hesitate to claim damages as it is the insurance company, the company’s insurance will be liable for compensating you for the injuries and expenses that you have suffered.

If the equipment was faulty and maintenance was not done in a manner that contributed to your accident, you may make a lawsuit against the owner of the boat. It can be challenging to make a lawsuit after a boating accident, so it is essential to speak a qualified lawyer who has experience with such cases.

Our attorney will help you with collecting documentation, finding the required proof of guilt you need to support your argument, and negotiating within the legal system to get the compensation you want from the company or their insurance.

What is considered a boating accident that you can file a lawsuit against?

You can not file a lawsuit against your employer if the accident happened due to your mistake or your negligence. So when can you file a lawsuit?

There are many scenarios where you can file a lawsuit against your employer.

  • Negligence
  • Faulty equipment
  • Lack of maintenance of the boat
  • Other employees were intoxicated
  • Problems with the repair of the ships.
  • Failure to comply with the rules for safe boating set out in federal and state law.
  • Lack of safety measures onboard

Our lawyer, who specializes in claims for boating injuries, will help you investigate the incident and decide how the injuries happened. We can either help you with defending your claim in court or reaching a settlement with the responsible party or insurer).

How will you prove you were in a boating accident that your employer is liable for?

You have the burden of proving your employer’s guilt after a boating accident. You must claim that the root cause of the accident was this fault or breach of duty, and you must demonstrate how much you were injured. A boating accident lawyer will interview witnesses, support you with locating evidence, study coast guard records or documentation of law enforcement incidents, and otherwise help you build a strong case. We know all the nooks and crannies of the legal matters in all types of boating accident lawsuits. If it was your employer’s fault, you could stay rest assured that we will find a way to gather evidence.

It can be a complex and challenging procedure to proceed with a lawsuit. Since maritime law varies from land-based law, and because there are limitations placed on filing claims for personal injury, it is necessary to consult as soon as possible with a qualified and experienced lawyer about boating accidents. Our team will make sure you receive full and fair compensation.

We can evaluate the present state of health and ensure proper access to medical care. We’ll help you navigate the care and health provider’s confusing legalities.
Document your medical condition by working with your doctors and other healthcare professionals to obtain the information you need to prove your injury.

We can help you find faulty equipment if that is what caused injury and show incompetence by boat owners, work with qualified experts.

Our experience in working with hundreds of boat injuries and claims would help us understand the accidents, harm associated with them, and current and future needs. To ensure you get the money you deserve. We will do our best to help you.

Our lawyer will also assist you in dealing with the insurer or in making a compelling case before a jury. We have a reputation for being an aggressive lawyer that worked very hard to bring justice to our clients. We are one of the most well-known employees in San Antonio, Texas. Call us to get your case reviewed today.

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