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Construction business comes with its dangers; the rate of accidents are usually high in this job. Most times, the negligence and the fault of someone else that caused the accident to happen. In such a case, you are liable to file a lawsuit against the responsible party and demand compensation. Hire the best Construction Accident Attorney / Lawyer.

Waechter Attorneys can help you file a well-researched and meaningful lawsuit on the person or organization responsible. We are an injury lawsuit specialist, a Construction Accident Attorney serving the people of USA for more than 20 years.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as a result of reported construction, workplace accidents is nearly 150,000 injuries every year. The primary injuries that occur are falling, dropping a heavyweight on a limb, cuts, hits by massive objects, etc. They are either caused by mechanical failure, lack of safety gear by the employer — lack of training, negligence of other employees, etc.

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Construction workers need to work on high altitudes and with heavy machinery. They have to stand in awkward positions and do their job. If your company did not provide you with the required safety equipment or wrong or improperly working machinery, you could endure injuries. For example, you were not equipped with helmet, safety gloves, overalls, proper harness, or you were not trained before given a particular job, all come under employer negligence. If you believe another person was responsible for your injury, you could sue them for your medical expenses. Our attorneys are highly skilled at finishing who exactly is accountable for a constriction injury, and they can file a notice for such.

It is imperative to perform construction work safely. The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) promulgates safety standards that should be met by every employer.

Personal injury legislation also encourages building protection through transparency for dangerous actions. Someone, whether a contractor or any other person, can sue on or near a construction site after being injured. We can talk about the most common types of construction-related personal injury lawsuits and the fundamental parameters of each case type.

Building Worker Accidents OSHA has given four types of construction worker accidents as they account for about 60 percent of construction worker deaths. Those four accidents include slips, electrocutions, “struck by force,” and “caught in between.” However, to file a claim, a person does not need to be seriously injured at work. Also, minor injuries will reimburse a worker with injuries.

If employers ‘ compensation policies exist is the most crucial factor that will affect the future benefit of a worker in a case.

What is the Employees Compensation?

There is a compensation system for employees in operation in all 50 states. Under these laws, the victim is entitled to compensation for the injury when an employee is injured at work, even though the contractor has not behaved negligently. Nevertheless, in a workers ‘ compensation case, the victim is generally able to recover less than he or she might recover in a typical personal injury action. Therefore, the laws on wages for employees are a consensus. It is a no-fault scheme, but in most instances, it is also the only solution for an injured person. Worker’s Compensation is a medical insurance rule, and it has no place for any lawsuit brought by an injured worker. 

You will also have to remember, laws vary by state, but the requirements on wages for jobs generally apply only between a worker and his or her immediate employer. It is important that you hire a qualified and specialized attorney who has experience in such cases to make a strong case.

If you believe that the accident happened due to defective equipment, you could also sue defective equipment manufacturers, in that case, the guidelines governing the recovery of employees will not apply.

Because cases that are taken outside the insurance regulations of employers also come with the potential for higher injury payments, an injured worker may want to pursue other forms of prospective responsibility outside the worker’s comp.


If you are not an employee but got injured in a construction site, you are sitting liable to file a lawsuit. You can be a pedestrian hit by falling debris. The construction of an unmarked road may lead to collisions. A kid can go to a building site and get hurt. In all these cases, we can make a viable case. General contractors typically have to warn the public of unsafe building conditions at least. Contractors have an obligation to do more in some instances, such as keeping them safe. A contractor must at least take the security precautions most equally competent contractors may take under similar circumstances.


The employer will be responsible for any injuries arising from the accident if a contractor fails to take the proper safety measures. Liability is not mandatory in other jurisdictions, but an injured person can use the negligence as proof that the employer should be responsible in a case for the injury. Construction defect lawsuits Construction may result in injury after completion of active operations. A builder may fail to secure a heavy object properly, causing it to fall through the second floor of the story. An architect can neglect to build a balcony with a guard rail that is high enough to cause a person to fall.

Such circumstances can also lead to legal action. It is essential to establish which group was incompetent in a building defect situation. Has the builder failed to build the building according to standards, or have engineers or planners failed in the first place to design the construction or schedule the project correctly?

Our Construction Accident lawyer can determine what caused an accident and who is responsible — both important to file a lawsuit call Waechter Attorneys today for a qualified Construction accident lawyer.