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A maritime accident can inflict catastrophic damage, whether you’re at sea or oil rig. Hire an expert Maritime Attorney from our team for quick resolution.

Awaechter Attorneys is committed to providing legal representation that is fruitful to our clients in all maritime law matters. We have a specialized team of maritime law experts accredited by the state of Texas. We represent clients from all over the world in Texas and federal courts and handles foreign arbitration as well. We are well versed in maritime laws and are always evolving maritime lawyer.

Awaechter Attorneys served many employees, winning their cases against big organizations. We conduct lectures on maritime education programs to keep our attorneys up to date. We have helped marine departments across Texas to protect the legal rights of crew members.

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The 1920 Merchant Marine Act, commonly referred to as the Jones Act, is a federal law that allows seamen to sue on-the-job injuries caused by negligence on the part of vessel owners, businesses, shipmasters, or fellow crew members. The Jones Act was based strictly on the 1908 Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA), which covers employees on the railroad; it was tailored to meet maritime workers ‘ needs. Congress created the act because the rules for compensation of standard workers do not apply to seamen.

Unlike laws regulating liability and negligence for non-maritime workers, the Jones Act makes it relatively easy for qualified seamen to sue their employers if they are hurt while working on a vessel owned and operated by American owners.

AWaechter Attorneys have helped people related to


If you've been injured or your loved one was involved in a boating accident, We have the experience and ability in maritime law to help you manage the legal nuances with full compensation for the loses.


We help to file a lawsuit against your employer in case of cruise ship injuries and mortality from different types of accidents, including slip and fall incidents, insufficient medical care, sexual assault or rape, lack of safety measures, and shore excursion accidents.


We have a proven track record of success in both state and federal courts in Texas and foreign and domestic arbitration in a wide range of admiralty and maritime law matters.


We understand acknowledges the unique challenges of serving at sea as a professional seafarer. We know the legal rights of seafarers where members of the crew are injured or killed, do not receive pay or job benefits in good time or are unfairly fired. We service all types of works at the sea, including those who serve on yachts, cruise ships, tugs, cargo ships, ferry boats, and casino vessels.


We help employees who are injured during their jobs due to lack of maintenance and repair of the ship or vessel they were in. If you work at an oil rig and you have received an injury due to lack of repair and maintenance, we can help you claim compensation from your employers. We can help you get paid for primary living conditions, medical care, and unpaid wages.

Unseaworthiness and Jones Act allegations

Waechter Attorneys aggressively litigates Jones Act charges that incompetent vessel owners are held accountable because they fail to take adequate security measures to protect seafarers.

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Complicated rules and legal issues can frustrate marine accident victims. Waechter Attorneys will clarify your legal rights clearly and provide a thorough review of your situation. If you have a lawsuit stemming from a marine accident, Awaechter Attorneys has the determination, expertise, and capacity to optimize the chance of a favorable outcome. Awaechter Attorneys treats most lawsuits on a contingency basis, and unless and until you secure a cash settlement, you will not pay legal fees or charges.

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The maritime law experience of Awaechter Attorneys is unmatched. Our law firm is dedicated to helping people working at maritime jobs such as members of the crew, cruise passengers, seafarers, and victims of marine accidents get justice. You can rest assured that you have the dedicated, experienced, and agile team working on your behalf to help you secure the best results. Awaechter Attorneys has earned a reputation for delivering advice with more than 20 years of experience helping people who have been injured on the water. Hire the best Maritime Attorney!

Board-certified by the Texas Bar Board of Legal Specialization & Training in Admiralty and Maritime Law, Waechter Attorneys has a wealth of information at her disposal. Waechter Attorneys addresses complicated marine legal issues to aid her clients in achieving the best results.

We give personal attention, and utmost respect are assigned to each Maritime injury claiming client. Lawyer Meister explains your legal rights as well as the legal process. Also, people injured by ship or boat owners and employees are covered under Waechter Attorneys. We are dedicated to providing you with the best result! We realize that you are going through a hard time and are doing our best to bring the case to a prompt, successful conclusion. Your case will be managed by a professional solicitor from start to finish, who is worried about your health.

For more than 20 years, Waechter Attorney has been diligently seeking justice for her clients. We know the unique aspects of being at sea, and it’s dangers. With our years of marine knowledge with expertise and experience with maritime law gives us unique insight into naval cases. We work with strong advocates advocating for our clients ‘ interests. For each customer, we are actively chasing a successful outcome.

It takes a qualified maritime lawyer to protect your legal rights effectively. This is particularly true in cases involving water-related accidents, as many special rules apply. Awaechter Attorneys represent clients in a range of matters related to maritime law. For a free initial consultation, please call us or email us online. Awaechter Attorneys has the ability, experience, and determination to help you gain a successful financial recovery